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All About the Arts Downtown

Arts Downtown is a free outdoor art gallery that is open to the public all year long in the city of Puyallup. It features more than 50 pieces of art, both by substantiated and emerging artists. Anyone who wants to experience a bit more culture in the area should make it a point to visit this unique and ever-evolving exhibit at least once.

20 years of breathtaking art

What started as a dream has turned into over two decades of success. Arts Downtown first began back in 1995, and since then, it has become a mainstay for art enthusiasts throughout the area. Not only do locals visit the exhibits, but many tourists and guests from other cities also venture to Puyallup just to experience this outdoor art gallery for themselves.


Arts Downtown is a non-profit organization that relies on volunteers. Both companies and private citizens donate their time, money, and talent to help install and preserve the beautiful pieces of art on display. Even though the galleries are completely free to the public, it still helps to boost the local economy by increasing tourism and boosting the quality of life within the city’s community.

Walking tours throughout downtown

You’ll find works included in the Arts Downtown exhibits throughout the downtown area. While a few pieces are in the commercial sector of town, the bulk is centralized in the heart of the city. This placement makes it easy for visitors to complete a self-guided walking tour without missing any of their favorites.


Visitors can pick up a free tour guide at both the public library and the Puyallup Activity Center. Volunteers update these guides with every new installment. Maps clearly show where you’ll find each piece of artwork during your walking tour. You can even learn about the history of each sculpture.


For even more detail and 3-D tours, the city offers a phone tour. Visitors can scan QR codes at more than 30 of the pieces. You’ll then be able to learn even more about the pieces. The self-guided phone tour also features interviews with local artists so that you can learn about the inspiration behind your favorites.


Groups of five or more can sign up for a guided tour with a knowledgeable docent. These tours make learning about the exhibits more interactive. Docent-led guides are popular with schools and other organizations.

Permanent and rotating exhibits

Currently, Arts Downtown features an extensive collection of permanent sculpture and art installations. These pieces were either donated to the city by private owners or businesses. Many of these works have been designated as a ‘Community Favorite’ for a specific year. Residents can vote on their favorite pieces through an online poll. This accolade is a prestigious honor for artists, and winning works may be chosen for the permanent collection.


Other pieces throughout the gallery rotate. Every two years, the city installs new pieces for the public to enjoy. During this time, they are not only on display, but they are also often up for sale to the public. The city encourages artists to submit their works for evaluation. Selected pieces earn a spot in the rotating collection.  Explore

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