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Parks in the Puyallup Area

When the sun is shining, there’s no better way to spend your free time than at one of the beautiful parks in Puyallup. The city is known for its many parks, which provide plenty of recreational activities to those living in the area. If you plan on taking a trip to town, be sure to visit one or more of these highly-rated parks.

Wildwood Park

As one of the most popular parks in Puyallup, Wildwood Park is always packed with visits. It’s a large, vast park, occupying over more than 80 acres. While much of this land has been renovated for public use, 55 acres remain natural forests. It’s the perfect location for those who want to explore nature, see local wildlife, or even go camping.


The finished areas of Wildwood Park have plenty of options for visitors. Visitors should view the caretaker’s house and historic water reservoir. Feel free to join a game at one of the two youth ballfields. A large playground is an ideal place for young children to run and climb. If you want to host an outdoor event, there is more than enough space. Twelve covered picnic areas offer a place to socialize. Be sure to bring a sack lunch while you explore the park.

DeCoursey Park

Those who enjoy fishing should check out DeCoursey Park. This Puyallup community park sits on seven lush acres. Grassy plains are perfect for playing Frisbee, running around, or just soaking up some sun. Kids love the fully-equipped playground. If you work up an appetite, head over to the picnic area and grab yourself a table.


Perhaps the best feature of DeCoursey Park is the pond. From April to November, children under the age of 15 can learn how to fish here. The city stocks the pond with rainbow trout and many kids have caught their first fish right here.

Bradley Lake Park

Another excellent place for fishing in Puyallup is Bradley Lake Park. The 12-acre lake provides ample space for those hoping to reel in a big one. You never know what fish you’ll find in these waters! Take note, however. Only children, seniors, and the disabled can fish all year round at this popular lake.


If you want to stay on dry land, you’re in luck. Inside the park, you’ll also find sports fields and several covered picnic areas. Several walking trails take you through some of the undeveloped land, where you can view local vegetation. Residents with disabled children can enjoy the ADA-accessible playground area.

Pioneer Park

Although small in size, Pioneer Park still packs a punch. This two-acre park is located in the downtown area. During the spring and summer, it serves as the backdrop for the local farmers’ market. Residents can also attend a free series of outdoor concerts during the summer. When the weather is nice, this quaint park is always bustling with activity.


Pioneer Park features a large pavilion that residents can rent for special events. A large wading pool for kids is also a hit when the temperatures rise. Be sure to view the special memorial that honors veterans. Homepage

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