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Frequently Asked Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning Questions 

Window cleaning

How many years of experience do you have?

Robert has over 20 years experience in the industry. Robert was quite popular and was often booked out weeks in advance.


Are you licensed?

Yes, we are licensed, bonded AND insured through the state of Washington. 

(Lic #:RNDWIND871K4)

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash, all major credit cards and personal check.

How will you keep from falling off the roof?

Robert was trained by GRAVITEC in the use of fall protection equipment (ropes and harnesses). We also use ladders with leg levelers and stabilizer bars. We use Korkers ® brand safety sandals for traction on slippery roofs.  Robert will NOT attempt a cleaning when he feels it is unsafe.


Do you pressure wash roofs?

No, we advise our clients against pressure washing roofs. Pressure washing often damages roofs and reduces the life of the roof because it washes off a layer of the roof.

How do you clean the roof?

We blow the loose debris from the roof with a back pack blower. If there are clumps of moss we use a wire brush to agitate the larger clumps of moss, and then use the blower again. We then clear all the remaining debris from the gutter and down spouts, and then treat the moss. It takes about a month for the moss to change color and die.  The wind and rain generally weather away a significant portion of the remaining dead moss. We recommend having moss kill applied once a year to prevent the moss from returning. 

Why should I have my gutters cleaned?

Gutters need to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent the debris from blocking the flow of water. Clogged gutters are often the cause of water damage that can go unnoticed until an inspector finds the damage and adds a complication to the sale of your home.

How often do you recommend cleaning our gutters?

We recommend having gutters cleaned at least twice a year.

Can I set up to have you come out automatically?

Yes!  We do offer recurring maintenance so that you don't have to worry about calling and scheduling us to come out.  We take care of it!  Ask about discounts for our recurring maintenance program!

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