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Auburn Window Cleaning and Auburn Gutter Cleaning Services 


Window Cleaning Auburn​ WA


We use a mop to scrub the windows to remove the dirt and debris. 
We then use a squeegy to clean off the window cleaning solution and wipe the edges so there aren't any drips. We leave your windows looking like new.  

Gutter Cleaning​ Auburn WA


When the debris in the gutters is wet, we scoop it out by hand, placing it in a bucket. When the debris is dry enough, we will blow the gutters out with a blower. Then, we make sure all the down spouts are clear and running properly. We will clean up any mess that has occurred from our cleaning procedure. We can also provide minor gutter repairs.

Moss Removal/Prevention Auburn WA


We will use a wire brush to agitate the large clumps of moss followed by a blower to rid your roof of the moss. We will treat the roof with a moss killer to kill the remaining moss and prevent more from growing. For prevention of moss, we recommend having it treated once a year with moss kill.

Roof Debris Blown in Auburn WA


We will use a backpack blower to blow any debris and keep the roof clear. This service is used frequently after a windstorm or in the fall, after leaves have fallen. It is also combined with moss removal. 

Pressure Washing in Auburn WA


We pressure wash driveways, siding and decks. We do NOT recommend pressure washing roofs. Pressure washing roofs shortens the life span of your roof.

About R'n'D Window and Gutter Cleaning Auburn Washington  

Robert and Danielle Townsend met at a mutual friend's wedding in 1999.  We married in 2003 and welcomed our first child, a son, in August 2008.  

Danielle worked as pediatric nurse for 5 years until our bouncing baby boy came along and decided to switch careers from peds nurse to stay-at-home mom.

Robert has worked for a window and gutter cleaning company since 2002.  Having a family has made us re-examine our lives and we decided we wanted to start our own window and gutter cleaning business so that we can have more time together as a family.

Thus, R'n'D Window & Gutter Cleaning was born.  The name is obvious - R for Robert, D for Danielle and 'n' for and.  Why not have it D'n'R?  Well, Danielle vetoed that right away.  Being a nurse, DNR refers to "do not resuscitate" and we thought that wasn't a great name for a business.

Since beginnging our business, we have been able to enjoy quality family time.  We believe in delivering the same type of personal service we would expect from other companies.  Give us a try!!

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