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All About Cockrell Brewing

Born out of the visions of two brothers, Cockrell Brewing is a staple in the Puyallup area. John and Richard Cockrell combined their passion for cider to brew the best-tasting craft beer and hard cider in the area for more than 25 years. Today, the duo’s ciders are a staple for both locals but also with connoisseurs across the country.

Farm fresh is the only way

The brothers always enjoyed micro-brewing as a hobby, so when they decided to brew on a larger scale, they understood the importance of incorporating only the freshest ingredients. When they first started looking for an apple supplier, they wouldn’t settle for anything but the best, and their search leads them to Gwyndon Farms.


This farm was family-operated and grew prize-winning apples, cherries, and raspberries for decades. At one point, it even featured over 1,500 apple trees. John and Richard knew they found the perfect supplier, and they wouldn’t stop until they could secure these crisp, delicious apples.


After a bit of negotiating, the brothers were able to buy the farm, and Cockrell Brewing came into existence. The production facility resides on the property, just a few steps away from the apple trees and raspberry bushes.


Fast forward to today, and Cockrell Brewing has won many awards for its outstanding cider creations. In 2016, they won three awards (one silver and two bronze) at the Pacific Northwest Cider Awards. They also participate in various tastings and festivals across the Puyallup area.

A variety of ciders

Today, Cockrell Brewing brews six equally mouth-watering ciders, so there is something for everyone. The original cider features a clean apple taste, while the dusty version is half as sweet. It’s also drier. Although these two are very popular, they decided to continue making other varieties.

Patrons can also enjoy the valley raspberry, blackberry, Hop’N, or Devil’N flavors. The addition of juicy raspberries and blackberries creates a flavor like no other. Their small farm in Puyallup produces each cider in small batches, ensuring quality and taste.


The brothers still rely on their fresh supply of apples, raspberries, and blackberries for every cider they create. The same trees provide them with all the fruit they need to bottle enough each year, and maintaining the health and condition of the farm is always of the utmost importance.

Have a sample at The Roost

Cockrell Brewing welcomes curious patrons to test out the various flavors before they commit. That’s why they offer tastings throughout the week. These informal gatherings happen at The Roost, which is their dedicated tasting room. Feel free to come as you are.

The Roost is part of the farm, so you may see a few domestic or wild animals during your tasting. Inside the building, you’ll be surrounded by rustic décor, and one of the Cockrell brothers may even pour you a glass. Of course, if you fall in love with a flavor, you can buy a filled grunt or bottle while you’re there.


Cockrell Brewing plans to continue brewing some of the finest hard ciders in the Puyallup region, and their popularity should continue to skyrocket.

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