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About R'n'D Window and Gutter Cleaning

A Little History 

Robert and Danielle Townsend met at a mutual friend’s wedding in 1999 and married in 2003.  In 2008 we welcomed our first child, a son, Easton and in 2014 we were blessed with a daughter, Kinsley.


Danielle worked as a pediatric nurse for 5 years until our bouncing baby boy came along.  She decided to switch gears from peds nurse to stay-at-home mom.  Over the years, she has continued to work as a pediatric nurse, most recently in the Puyallup School District.  She enjoys spending time with her kids and singing karaoke.


Robert worked for another window and gutter cleaning company since 2002.  Having a family made us re-examine our lives and we decided we wanted to start our own window & gutter cleaning business so that we could have more time together as a family while also providing the same level of service we would expect.  


So in 2008, R’n’D Window & Gutter Cleaning was born.  The name is obvious – R for Robert, D for Danielle and ‘n’ for and.  Why not have it D’n’R?  Well, Danielle vetoed that right away.  Being a nurse, DNR refers to “do not resuscitate” and we thought that wasn’t a great name for a business.

Tomi is our receptionist and she is Danielle's aunt.  She's the main point of contact when you call or email R'n'D.  Her friendly nature makes her a perfect fit to the R'n'D family.

Dan and Eric have been with us over a year.  Sometimes it's difficult to find good employees with our high standards, but they do an amazing job.


Since starting our business, we have been able to enjoy quality family time.  We believe in delivering the same type of personal service we would expect from other companies.  Give us a try, you won’t be sorry!!

RND Tomi


Robert and Danielle Townsend
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